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Science Week

Picture 1
Picture 1 Ice Balloons
Picture 2 Ice Balloons
Picture 3 Measuring out the shaving foam to make snow
Picture 4 Add bicarbonate of soda to turn it into snow
Picture 5 What happens when you add vinegar to your snow?
Picture 6 We watched as it fizzed up!
Picture 7 Pouring out the milkshake
Picture 8 Put it in with salt ice and SHAKE!
Picture 9 Shaking until it turns to ice cream
Picture 10 Yummy chocolate ice cream!
Picture 11 And strawberry!
Picture 12 It was very yummy
Picture 13 Frozen paint
Picture 14 Frozen paint
Picture 15 Symmetrical patterns in the frozen paint
Picture 16 Elsa's ice hands
Picture 17 We watched as Elsa's hands melted
Picture 18 Richard's hands got very cold!!
Picture 19 Elsa's snow!
Picture 20 Exploring patterns in the snow!
Picture 1
Picture 1 Elsa Themed Playdough
Picture 2 Elsa Themed Playdough
Picture 3 What happens to an egg in water? It sinks.
Picture 4 What about salt water?
Picture 5 Half salt water and half water. What will happen?
Picture 6 It floats on salt water & sinks through the water
Picture 7 Why does an orange float in water?
Picture 8 We peeled the skin off to see what would happen!
Picture 9 Without the skin! Can you remember why?
Picture 10 Custard powder
Picture 11 What happens when you add water?
Picture 12 Is it a liquid or a solid?
Picture 13 Crazy Custard!!
Picture 1
Picture 1 Mixing the sugar and butter
Picture 2 Add the eggs
Picture 3 We were quite good at cracking eggs!
Picture 4 Adding flour and cocoa
Picture 5 Mixing it all up
Picture 6 Baking!
Picture 7 Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cakes
Picture 8 Vanilla and Strawberry Cakes
Picture 9 Chocolate Fudge Cakes
Picture 10 Marshmallow and Chocolate Cakes
Picture 11 Mint Choc Chip Cakes
Picture 12 Look at all our beautiful cakes
Picture 13 The judges taking a look
Picture 14 The judges having a taste test!