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Apple trees

Have a look at all the exciting learning that takes place in the Apple Tree class with Miss Jollands.

In the Summer term our topic is Our World.


First we look at how our actions can change our environment, why we need to recycle and what happens to everything we throw away. Then we look at the different types of animals we share the planet with.


The children will be able to share their existing knowledge and ask and answer questions.

In Year 2, our Spring topic is 'Long, Long Ago'.


First we look at how the Ancient Egyptians lived, what they wore and ate. Then we look at Castles, both real and fictional, and Giants and Dragons. 


The children think about what they already know before coming up with question we try and answer in the topic.

The Autumn term in Year 2 is all about Ourselves and Our Local Area.


We look at our bodies, inside and out. We also look round the village noting the different uses of buildings; shops, businesses and houses.


The children are encouraged to work in small groups to ask and answer questions about our topic.

In Year 2 there are several different types of homework.


Children take home reading books which are then changes when the book is finished, this could be daily or weekly depending on the length of the book.


The children also have weekly spelling tests which are linked to the phonics that the children have been focusing on in class or in group work.


Every few weeks the children will be given a Learning Log challenge linked to the class topic. This could be in any subject area and the children can complete this work in whatever way they choose; for example, photographs, posters, booklets, drawings or writing.