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Changing States

We felt the marshmallows straight from the packet. They were smooth and a little squishy.
We microwaved them for different amounts of time, some on medium and some on high. after 10 seconds they had got a little bit bigger and softer. After 50 seconds on high the marshmallows were as big as an orange ! As soon as they cooled they became flat and when they were cold they went hard and brittle. We could see the air bubbles inside that had expanded.
We looked at the chocolate. It was in a solid block. we broke it into smaller pieces the microwaved first for 50 seconds then stirred it. It was melting.
After 140 seconds the chocolate had turned into a liquid. We had to work quickly as the chocolate quickly turned back to a solid lump.
The jelly was a solid block too but it was bendy and stretchy. We had to break it into smaller pieces. Next we added some hot water.
The jelly started to melt and become a liquid. We poured it into moulds. It didn't turn back into a solid straight away like the chocolate did.