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Fantasy Stories

All the children were invited to dress up as their favourite character as part of our fantasy story work in Literacy. It was so exciting having characters from Superheros to Princesses to Charlie (from his chocolate factory!)

The children had so much fun mixing these characters together to make up their own fantasy story and then acting it out! Look at the pictures below and see some of the stories we came up with.

Charlie fighting cactus man with his golden ticket
Taking on the villans in an upside down dessert
Tom and Cactus man were defeated!
Batman, Power Ranger and Charlie were victorious!
Superman, a Lion and Alice were playing football.
Until David Beckham kidnapped Alice.
Alice was upset!
Superman zapped David with his laser...
and they rescued Alice.
Iron man, Hulk and Batman working in a factory
Superman tried to take over the factory
But he was defeated  by Batman!!
Captain America joined them in their victory!
The princesses were sleeping
until the villan came to steal from them
he stole chocolate coins to build a statue!
looking for their missing coins
Look he stole them!!!
Capturing the villan!
Success to the princesses!
Three princesses in a talking school!
The pirate told them to walk the plank!!
But Alice had magic pixie dust.
The pirate became friendly..
and they all became friends!