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Fir Trees

Summer Term


Welcome back after the Easter break, I hope the children have all recovered from the run of coughs colds and upset tummies that occurred last term and feel ready to work in our very busy summer term!


This term our topic will be living and growing plants. The children will learn:

  • that there are different plants in the immediate environment
  • to treat growing plants with care
  • to make careful observations of one or two plants and of where they grow and to communicate these
  • that plants have leaves, stems and flowers
  • To know that most plants grow from seeds


The topic will include experiments and opportunities to grow different plants.  As always our topics are cross curricular and we have lots of other activities linked to the topic.


In literacy we will be focusing on fantasy stories and our role play corner has been transformed into the magical land of, hmmmm  let me give you some clues, sparkly red shoes, a talking scarecrow, witches and munchkins and a little girl called Dorothy!  We will be making a journey along a winding yellow brick road................. any ideas?


In maths we will be revisiting some of the earlier topics and looking at fractions, addition and subtraction, direction and time, shapes and a whole lot more!


Spring Term


This term our topic is UP, UP AND AWAY!!!!!!


We have been learning about different flying machines as well as finding out about other things that fly. We have been learning about penguins and conducting some very interesting experiments. We wanted to find out what it is like to live in one of the coldest parts of the world! Children put on a warm woolly glove and then put a plastic glove over the top.This was to protect their hand just like penguins have blubber and feathers to protect their bodies. They plunged both hands into icy water to see if it really could keep them warm and....... well look at the photos and see for yourselves!!!!


We have been investigating shapes in our maths work and have explored the properties of shapes and looked at shapes in our environment. We even made shapes in P.E.  The children were excited to carry on with this as part of their "learning log" homework. Don't you think their work is amazing!