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Horse Chestnut Trees

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This term our topic is plants! We will be looking at plants in our school environment as well as well as growing our own. We will be using different plants to help us make observations and learn about the different parts of a plant, such as the stem, leaves, roots, flowers, fruit ect. The children will also be plant their own plants from seed so that they can observe how plants grow.


In our literacy work we will be looking at fantasy stories, and in particular the Wizard of Oz!! We will be using our role play to act out and plan our own stories.  The children will learn about the features of fantasy stories and use these to develop and write their own.


Our maths work will begin to look at fractions - looking at halves and quarters of both shapes and numbers. We will then move on to look at addition and subtraction, direction and time, and shapes.


In the second part of the term we will be learning about animals. We will discuss what they eat and how their teeth differ depending on their diet. We will look at where they live and learn about their young.

This term our topic was Up, Up and Awayyyy!!!


We learnt about different forms of flight, from birds to helicopters to hot air balloons. We looked back at the history of flight and discussed how it has developed over time. We also looked at penguins as part of our World Book week. We discussed why they cannot fly as well as looking at how they survive in one of the coldest parts of the world. Look at our photos below to see what we got up to!!


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