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Familiar Stories


To start the term off we began by looking at stories that we could draw familiarities with. We began by looking at 'Little Penguin Lost' which was all about a little penguin who lost his favourite toy. We then moved on to look at 'Not Now Bernard' and wrote our own story about what would happen if a monster was loose in our school.

Labels, captions and signs


We used the film 'Toy Story' as visual literacy when learning to write labels, captions and signs. We labelled the characters, and wrote captions to go with still shots from the film. We also looked for signs in the film and made our own wanted signs.

We then moved on to look at Billy's Bucket - a story about a boy who can see sea creatures at the bottom of his bucket. We used our phonics to label animals we could put in our own buckets. We then had a go at writing an alternative ending to the story.