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Traditional Tales

Picture 1 Acting out the three little pigs
Picture 2 Little Red Riding Hood
Picture 3 The big bad wolf!!
Picture 4 Drawing a beginning, middle and end
Picture 5 Drawing a beginning, middle and end
Picture 6 Painting a beginning, middle and end
Picture 7 Writing an alternative version of a story


Picture 1 What do you need to make hot chocolate?
Picture 2 Writing a list of ingredients for hot chocolate
Picture 3 making our hot chocolate
Picture 4 Yummy!!
Picture 5 giving and following instructions
Picture 6 making jam sandwiches
Picture 7 Making jam sandwiches
Picture 8 Yum!
Picture 9 Enjoying our sandwiches
Picture 10 Emily and Alyssa enjoyed the jam sandwiches!
Picture 11 Making an instruction book
Picture 12 Our instruction writing
Picture 13 Sequencing the instructions
Picture 14 Bossy words to use in our instructions
Picture 15 Our jam sandwich instructions
Picture 16 Learning how to blow a bubble
Picture 17 Giving instructions on how to blow a bubble!