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Science week

Measuring our lung capacity- which is easier to use to measure the capacity a bag or balloon?

Making a Lava Lamp - observing the chemical reactions!!!

Observing the chemical reactions when making slime!!

Dancing Foods - which fizzy drink makes the food dance the best?

Lemonade - observing the raisins
Lemonade Soda Water Tonic Water Water
Which food dances the best in the fizzy drinks?

Observing an irreversible change (Making Biscuits)

Reversible change - making Rocky Road

Cleaning Pennies

Water orange juice coco cola lemon juice vinegar
Salt was added to to these cup with same liquids
We wrote our predictions
We wrote what we did
Results of non salt liquids
Results of salt & liquids

A Scientist came to school!!! Did you know there are three types of 'Matter'? Experiment One - Testing a Solid

She tried pouring solids
We tried squashing solids
We became a solid

Experiment Two - Testing a Liquid

Can you pou a liquid?
Can you squash a liquid?
We became a liquid!!

Experiment Three - Testing a Gas

Holding a gas
Feeling the gas air
Yes you can pour a gas
Can you pour a gas?
 Can you squash a gas?
Yes you can squash a gas
Being a gas

Making Rockets

We are the chosen Rocketeers!!
Getting ready for blast off!!

Blast off

Still image for this video