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Take One Picture Week

We are using Renoir's painting 'Les Parapluies' as a starting point for our Take One Picture Week. 

We have used water colours to experiment with light and dark shades of the same colours.
In maths we tried to make tessellating patterns from umbrellas.
We have used clay to make figures for a collaborative piece of work. Once dry we will be able to paint them.
Following our umbrella theme, we have made 3d pictures.
We worked in groups to make the different sections for our umbrellas. We had to decide how to make the sections and then how best to cover them.
We talked about which properties were most important for an umbrella. We decided that being waterproof was the most important. We decided we needed to test the materials we had used.
(Tissue paper is not a good material to use for an umbrella !)
We recreated the picture by dressing in blue and using different props.
In P.E. the children used hoops like the little girl in the painting.
As part of our dance lessons the children watched the 'Singing in the Rain' video clip before recreating their own dance.