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Sports Premium

What is Sports Premium?


The government announced funding to support the delivery of PE and School Sport. Through the previous success of the School Sports Partnership programme and a commitment to ensure continued high standards of delivery in PE and School Sport, there is a desire to continue to provide a coordinated level of support to enhance the delivery of PE and School Sport.


The government funding is ring fenced only to be spent on sport. The outcome is to improve teaching and learning.


Ofsted have strengthened its coverage of sport within the Inspectors’ Handbook and supporting guidance, so that schools and inspectors are clear about how sport will be assessed in future as part of the overall provision offered by the school. The revised handbook will ask inspectors to consider:


How well the school uses its Sport Premium to improve the quality and breadth of its PE and sporting provision, including increasing participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of.”


Specifically the Ofsted guidance for inspectors’ states:


Inspectors should consider the impact of the new primary school sport funding on pupils’ lifestyles and physical wellbeing by taking account of the following factors:



  • the increase in participation rates in such activities as games, dance, gymnastics, swimming and athletics

  • the increase and success in competitive school sports

  • how much more inclusive the physical education curriculum has become

  • the growth in the range of provisional and alternative sporting activities

  • the improvement in partnership work on physical education with other schools and other local partners

  • links with other subjects that contribute to pupils’ overall achievement and their greater social, spiritual, moral and cultural skills

  • the greater awareness amongst pupils about the dangers of obesity, smoking and other such activities that undermine pupils’ health.


Nettleham Infant Schools Vision for Sport


Our School believes that ALL pupils should be given the opportunity to become physically literate and with the opportunity to begin to develop the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong participation and enjoyment in physical activity and sport.

Nettleham infant school aims to achieve self-sustaining improvement in the quality of PE and sport against 5 key indicators:

  1. The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity promoting active healthy active lifestyles
  2. The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school and being used in a truly cross curricular manner as a tool for whole school improvement
  3. Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport
  4. Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils
  5. Increased participation in competitive sport


How much  funding do we receive?


Each school receives £8000 plus £5 per pupil for pupils in years 1-6.


For the academic year 2014 - 2015 Nettleham Infant School received = £8585

For the academic year 2015 - 2016 Nettleham Infant School will receive = £8570

How is it spent?


The aim of the funding is to improve the quality and breadth of our PE and sporting provision and to meet this criteria we have identified a number of key priorities which include; investing in continual professional development for our staff; increasing the competitive opportunities available to all pupils; working in partnership with other schools to share expertise and resources and offering new and varied sporting opportunities for our pupils.


Investment 2014 - 2015


Membership of Cherry Willingham Sports Partnership (inc: 1/2 day coaching sessions for staff and children each week) - £4270                      


Balanceability Resources - £1362


Total Spend 2014 -2015 - £5632


Carry forward - £2953 ( to be used to provide extra coaching and after school clubs for identified children during 2015 -2016 academic year)


Key priorities to date:

Key achievements/What worked well:

Key Learning/What will change next year:

To improve staff confidence and skills in teaching PE and sport more effectively










Coaching sessions – staff able to observe and shadow specialist coaches through specific elements of PE.


Greater understanding of how to adapt and alter resources in school to ensure that they meet the curriculum requirements.


Staff able to confidently identify children who are more able or who require additional support

Staff will work with the coaches in a TEAM TEACH situation where they can show skills acquired and coaches can give further areas for development


Provide staff with the skills and tools necessary to accurately assess children’s abilities in sport and PE

To ensure that PE is an integral part of the new curriculum within school

Coaches worked with PE lead to identify topics being covered in each year group and give a variety of planning ideas linked to each topic

Embed PE and physical activity further within the classroom sessions.

Produce a scheme of work for PE which links to topics taught in school and highlights potential opportunities for physical activities

To deliver new initiatives aimed specifically at children in EYFS &  KS 1

School was a trial school for a new scheme based on improving children’s core strength and balance through the use of balance bikes.

Training delivered to staff over course of a week with a focus on children in EYFS.

School used Sports Premium funding to purchase the system in school including staff training

Explore opportunities to offer this to other children in Y1 or Y2 if needed.


Introduce buddy system to the children in Y2 where children can be taught how to support and encourage younger children during playtimes etc.




Proposed expenditure 2015 - 2016


Membership of the Cherry Willingham Sports Partnership - £2000


Full day hire of coach and provision of free afterschool club for specific groups of children - £2700


Renew gym equipment in school - £4000


Staff training - £1000


Total Proposed spend 2015 - 2016 - £9700


Carry forward - £1800


Development Plan for 2015 - 2016




School Development Plan

  • PE and Sport to be embedded across the curriculum and make learning more active.

Lesson need to be planned so there is an active part to each lesson delivered.

Continued Professional Staff Development

  • Working in partnership with the coaches to deliver high quality PE and sport lessons, showing progression, focusing on gymnastics.

MSP to work closely with the teacher during PE lessons and team teach as well as observe each other delivering the lesson. Feedback to be given weekly to the PE coordinator to influence the following weeks planning for progression.


  • Inclusive PE and sport for all.

Improve pupils fitness by keeping them physically active and engaging them in regular high-intensity vigorous activity for sustained periods of time. Raise pupils expectations of what more able pupils are capable of achieving and provide opportunities with challenging and competitive activities which lead to high standards of performance.  Providing the children with the information about sports clubs and community events.

Staff Mentoring

  • This will take place on a Friday starting in September 2015 for the whole day. Focusing on physical literacy and fundamental movement skills.
  • The coach will be working with all teaching staff across the academic year.


Supporting teachers apply agreed scheme of work and assessment procedures consistently.

Support subject leader articulate a clear vision for PE and Sport, set high expectations of staff and pupils.

Youth Sport Trust Membership

  • Full membership purchased


Twilight Course :2 hours per course

  • Whole school CPD delivered the focus will be on gymnastics.

The course is to help raise the general delivery of gymnastics as the key to building high quality physical education.


  • Competition dates to be set for term 6 whole school.
  • Inter school sports festival (Cherry Willingham) term 4.
  • Olympics whole school, a week of Olympic events.
  • Schools multi-skills sports festival for reception to Y2.

This will enable the children to participate in competitive sport as well as having the opportunities to work for their team.

Ofsted recommends: Supports school to participate and compete in school sport to enable the most able to attain high standards of performance.

Young Leaders – Promoting Active Playgrounds.

  • MSP to provide coaching to 8 young leaders.

Leadership enhances pupils personal development and well-being – Ofsted recommendation.

Community Links

  • MSP to introduce to Rugby/tennis club.
  • To make new links with the Junior School in the village for Year 2

This will widen pupil engagement to support community sports development and provide a natural link for pupils to participate in physical activity.

To make the link with Junior School to enhance relations for the children’s natural progression there.


Professional PE and School sport support

  • GH to work with community providers and other schools to open up new opportunities for our school including CWCS.

This helps identify and develop our schools links to other partners and community providers.

Extra curricular clubs

  • MSP to provide after school club on a Friday.
  • MSP to provide football club at discount price
  • Irish dancing provided by Collen Roberts.
  • French Club to be provided by Docelie.

This supports wider parental engagement to support OSHL opportunities on school site.


  • A new assessment passport.

This will be for the children to access as well as the teacher and coach, allowing the children’s progression to be measured and monitored. Children to be given their own personal target for the term and it will be assessed at the end of that block. Coach and Coordinator to monitor this over the year to see how it is working and feedback to assessment coordinator.



October Update 2015


Children have been surveyed re: Clubs attended over the last academic year and this academic year - the table below shows the results.


  2014 - 2015  2015 - 2016
Afterschool Clubs


(0 PP children)


(10 PP Children)

Extra Curricular Clubs


(3 PP children)


(6 PP Children)


Wake Up Shake Up


Since the start of the autumn term the school have introduced a 'Wake up, Shake up' session at the start of the morning and afternoon. This was developed after staff working with the Change for Life initiative. We have already noted that children are starting these sessions more enthusiastically than they had approached the previous 'Activate' programmes. It has been noted that children who had previously not taken part in morning activities are now happy to join in with their peers. 


Staff have already commented on higher levels of concentration and children who are more ready to listen and learn after participating in a session. We are working on collecting a wide range of resources to enhance this using songs from films and popular culture that the children are aware of.