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Nursery FAQ

How will you be keeping my child safe?

Whilst we are unable to socially distance within Nursery, we will not be mixing with the rest of the school at any time. Nursery staff will ensure that children wash their hands thoroughly and regularly throughout the day. Resources will be systematically cleaned and swapped over to limit cross contamination. 


What happens when I bring my child to Nursery at the beginning and end of the day? 

Nursery will be open from 08:45 and children will enter at their normal middle gate to be greeted by staff at the Nursery door.  At the end of your child's session, please come to the Nursery door and we will bring your children out to you.


What are the Nursery session times now?

The first session is 08:45a.m. to 11:45a.m.

Lunchtime is from 11.45a.m. to 12.15p.m.

The afternoon session is 12.15p.m. to 3.15p.m.


What happens with milk?

We receive a weekly list of children whose parents have ordered milk. If this is the case, your child will be offered theirs at morning breaktime when we sit down and have a chat or a story. Most children like to have their milk at this time, but some do not and if this is the case these are replaced in the fridge and they will be offered it again at afternoon snack time. If they still do not want it, the carton is offered to any other child who would like it as a "spare". If you are unhappy about your child receiving extra milk in this way, please speak to one of us. If your child regularly refuses their milk we will inform you. 


What happens with snacks?

You will need to provide your child with at least one snack (a healthy snack is preferable) each day. It is useful if this could be put in a side pocket etc of their bag as when it is placed in the children's lunchbox, many assume they are having their lunch! Although this is an obvious thing to say, it does help if your child knows what their snack is going to be and where to locate it!  After children have had their lunch and continued to play and explore, we stop and have a second (afternoon) snack. In the first instance we ask the children to check their lunchbox in case they have anything which has not been finished. If they don't have anything left, we always have fruit or breadsticks available if they would like them. 


All children are asked to bring a named water bottle which they have unlimited access to throughout the day. This is kept in the classroom.


What needs to be left at school?

It is ideal if your child always has a pair of Wellington boots at school and, when the weather is wet, a waterproof coat with a hood as even if it is raining we still go outside several times each day. It is also useful for at least 2 sets of clothes to be left at school in case of accidents (extra bottom halves particularly) but also because the children do get wet and muddy outside. please be assured however that we do have clean spare clothing in school should they need it.


What if my child doesn't settle?

If your child is upset we will endeavour to comfort and distract them. If we are unable to console them, we will telephone you. Please note however that we have not needed to do this during the whole of last year as on most occasions they are calm and happy within a few minutes of being left with us. When a child is upset saying goodbye the most usual scenario is that we, as parents, are beside ourselves with worry but the children are happily playing very quickly!


What about uniform?

Whilst our preference would be for the children to wear the school polo shirt and sweater, as clothes will need to be laundered more frequently we understand that there may be occasions when this is not possible - this is absolutely fine. Regardless of the clothes they are wearing, it is useful if they can be easily pulled down and back up again by your child when they need to use the toilet. Please don't worry though - we would never see them struggle.


Whilst this may not have answered all your questions, please feel free to email me at with any other concerns.