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Our Curriculum Intent and Implementation

‘Building a bigger me’


The Curriculum Intent


At Nettleham Infant school, we pride ourselves on having a broad and balanced curriculum, providing exciting teaching for all.

Developing the whole child is at the heart of our school ethos, values and learning. We use a ‘Values Based Approach’ to build character, resilience and responsibility, preparing children for their life’s journey. Achieving and maintaining a positive mental health and well-being for all, is central to our school.

We make learning FUN by delivering a creative, innovative and challenging curriculum enhanced by our stimulating learning environment. In our school, we believe that providing opportunities to challenge and stretch all children at an appropriate level ensures that they achieve their best. We work closely with parents/carers, with an open door philosophy to allow the children to flourish fully.

We have created a positive climate whereby children are confident and intrinsically motivated to learn, take risks and challenge themselves.


Curriculum Implementation


Staff, in collaboration with the subject leaders, coherently plan our curriculum. We cover not only the statutory requirements provided by the National Curriculum and EYFS framework but also ensure that the children’s personal education is developed. The National Curriculum allows for continuity, depth and breadth, whilst our culture of developing the whole child allows the children to be the best they can be. Through our teaching, we aim for sustained mastery across all areas of the curriculum. We achieve this by repetitively teaching the core skills, which allow children to be fluent in applying their knowledge, understanding and learning across the curriculum.

To engage the children, capture their imagination and create ‘awe and wonder’ we listen to their ideas, what they already know about a topic and what they would like to learn.

Throughout the year we provide many practical hands on experiences, trips out of school and workshops from outside professionals. We invite parents and other adults who have expertise in specific areas of learning into our school. Wherever possible and only when it is effective, we create cross-curricular links, to ensure that children gain a broad understanding of the topic.


At Nettleham Infant School we make learning FUN!