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Senior Leadership Team


Catherine Jollands            Rachael Rideout           Diane Ball
Head Teacher     Assistant Head Teacher School Business Manager


Jane Yeates


Louise Nefedov Rachael Rideout
Key Stage 1 Leader EYFS Leader Nursery Leader


SEN Team


Louise Nefedov Liz Brown Tracie Edwards
SENCO Specialist TA SEN TA


Teaching Team


Joe Howden Osborne Jane Yeates
Year 2 Teacher Year 2 Teacher


Karen Lodge Mandy Small Sal Howden Osborne 
Year 1 Teacher Year 1 Teacher Year 1 Teacher


Louise Nefedov Sarah Meanwell Hannah Stevens
Reception Teacher Reception Teacher Reception Teacher


Rachael Rideout Margaret Howard
Nursery Teacher Nursery Cover Teacher


Teaching Assistant Team


Sam Padgett Becky Foyster Suzanne Lucas  
Key Stage 1 TA Key Stage 1 TA Key Stage 1 TA  


Sarah Burton

Wen San Chan

Leigh Morgan
Reception TA Reception TA Reception TA


Laura Benton Charlotte Morgan Cheryl Gaynor
Nursery TA Nursery TA Nursery TA


Office Team


Diane Ball Mica Mealing Belinda Wheelhouse Carly Harrison
School Business Manager






Admin Assistant


Lunch Time Team


Karen Davis Sandy Chapman Glyn Edwards Wen San Chan
Cheryl Gaynor Sarah Burton Carly Harrison  


Site Manager

Glyn Edwards


Planning and Preparation Time (PPA)


As part of the ‘Reforming the Workforce Agreement’, all teachers must by law have 10% non-contact time each week away from their class so that they can plan and prepare their lessons and undertake assessments. During this time the classes will be taught by one or more of our highly experienced and qualified teaching assistants. We find that this approach helps to provide the children with continuity wherever possible. On rare occasions we may have to split a class.


Senior and middle leaders in school, such as the Assistant Head Teacher, SENCo and subject leaders may receive additional release time from the classroom. Careful consideration is given to the level of release time given to staff in order that an appropriate balance can be achieved.