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Sabah Holmes-Community Governor

With 20+ years in HR, inclusive design, and strategic partnering globally, I aim to help create equitable spaces for our children, fostering ethical and inclusive decision-making. My multicultural background – Indian heritage, Hindu Yogic philosophy, Dubai upbringing, and UK education further shape my global perspective.

I moved to Nettleham and the UK in 2018, long after studying as an international student between 1999 and 2003 at Durham and Newcastle University. Having completed my MSc in Psychology from Sheffield Hallam University in 2023, I am a student of life. I recognise the value that international education, global exposure, and my parent’s efforts have afforded me. I am driven to utilise this privilege to give back to the community and our children, our future generations.


As a lifelong learner, I believe in secular and equal educational access and opportunities, that recognise, value, and nurture individuality, for all our diverse children. Sameness isn’t the answer. Diversity, disability, and difference are to be embraced as superpowers – not merely tolerated. Our children's unique skills should flourish in anti-racist systems valuing diversity and accessibility, creating innovative future leaders.


My values align with the school's. I'm eager to support fellow governors, our educators and our children, leveraging my experience across sectors to drive systemic change at all levels. You can learn more about my education, work, and personal background through my LinkedIn profile -